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Welcome Greater Portland Alumni!

We're a small but active alumni club who gather to watch Syracuse sports, enjoy the Northwest outdoors, attend cultural events and engage in service to the community.

Are you in the midst of planning your fall? So are we! The section below highlights some Stumptown Orange dates to hold.


Upcoming events appear below as soon as they are confirmed.

New-Student Send-Off

August 03: PORTLAND - Join Stumptown Orange for our 11th annual New-Student Send-Off, on August 3. We'll hold an informal evening where we welcome the newest members of the Syracuse University family. Join us for a BBQ/potluck at the home of member Christie Martin in Raleigh Hills. The send-off is always one of the highlights of our Stumptown Orange year! More details to follow.


We welcome all alumni of SU as well as friends, family, central New York natives, and other SU fans in the greater Portland area. This area is roughly defined as from Corvallis north to Kelso, Washington and the northwest Oregon coast east to Hood River.

And, of course, we invite all local SUNY-ESF "Stumpies" to become Stumptown Orange!

Please scroll down to pay our inexpensive dues. If you would like more information about the Stumptown Orange, please contact Ken Kane at 503.246.6462 or

Join today!

Our club operates on a July to June fiscal year and our annual dues are $20.

You can pay in one of two ways:

  1. You can pay at a Stumptown Orange event.
  2. Please go to and print this form. Mail it, along with a check made out to "Stumptown Orange" to:

    Ken Kane
    37 SW Canby St.
    Portland, OR 97219

Why pay your annual membership? Were glad you asked! The tax-deductible contribution you make to the club treasury through your annual membership...

  • entitle you to discounts on tickets to club happenings such as sporting and theatrical events
  • help offset the club's event costs, particularly those involving our Student Send-off and other outdoor events
  • help support the club which is a good source of networking and job-hunting information for you
  • provide seed money for our scholarship fund
  • demonstrate your commitment to S.U. and your local connection to campus, the Stumptown Orange.

So, please renew your annual membership! You'll be glad you did ... and so will we! And while you're at it, consider making an additional donation to the club's Student Grant Fund.

Download the application form (link)

Mailing list

The Stumptown Orange send notices and reminders for events, primarily by e-mail.

To stay up-to-date, please join the mailing list by emailing

The Stumptown Orange does not share your information and e-mail address with third parties.



At its annual business meeting on May 21, 2009, the Stumptown Orange voted to establish a Student Grant Fund. The fund is used to award SU Bookstore gift cards, books on the transition to college, or other gifts to incoming students. Alumni club members are encouraged to make tax-deductible contributions to the Student Grant Fund. A great time to do this is when paying your annual $20 dues. Simply fill out this form.

About our club

The Stumptown Orange organized in the spring of 2007.

A core of about 20 Portland-area alumni met in the spring to form the basis of the club, which was chartered in late May. A good number of the core group were members of a previous statewide club which disbanded in the mid-2000s.

The club was chartered in 2007 and our current by-laws were adopted in 2014. Our first meeting took place July 11, 2007. Our most recent annual business meeting took place on May 25, 2016.

We hold a variety of events each year, ranging from art to sports to theater to community service to pub-crawling. 

Board Members

President/Treasurer Ken Kane ’75
Vice President for Student Involvement/Student Grants Chair Rich Meneghello ’93
Communications Manager Heather Ricks ’10
Events Co-chairs Shilo Smith ’03 & Erika Kirkland ’05
 Sports Coordinator Christie Martin ’99

Standing Committees

There are currently two committees which help plan and run the club:

Events*: Chairs: Shilo Smith & Erika Kirkland. Mary Dickinson-Jensen, Lynda Bersani, Rob Kweit, Howard Groopman, Spencer Raymond, Jessica Vasi, Aaron Tersteeg, Kat Sampson, Kathryn Hartinger, Ron Mittelstaedt, Ken Kane

Student Grants*: Chair: Rich Meneghello. Howard Groopman, Kathryn Hartinger, Ken Kane

*per the club's by-laws, the club president or co-presidents are ex officio members of all committees

Club by-laws