Dean’s Fund for the College of Visual and Performing Arts

As a junior, I was incredibly fortunate to receive the Pike Award. It paid for all the photography in my portfolio and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I felt very lucky that opportunity was there at all.

Joey Marion ’17

Help enhance student learning.

Where Funds Go

The Dean’s Fund enables our college to respond to opportunities that arise each year, and to support student and faculty initiatives that enhance our offerings and, most important, student learning.

Having a non-restricted fund available to draw upon allows us to fund a wide range of initiatives, including industry immersions, speaker series featuring alumni and other prominent experts, student travel to important venues and conferences, and more—all of which broaden a student’s scope into the real world of professional practice.

Every gift counts. Every donor matters. Make a difference today!

A $500 gift can be a big help in enabling a junior get to a new city where job opportunities are. Or it can simply buy materials to realize an entrepreneurial ambition. A $1,500 to $2,000 gift can help students meet with designers and business leaders, leading to valuable internships or mentorships.

Not every contingency or opportunity can be planned for. Having resources to leverage a great opportunity is key to realizing new ways to enhance the college and its programs.

Michael Tick
Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts