Falk College Dean's Fund

Falk has sparked an insane amount of motivation I didn’t know I had. Having faculty who genuinely care about the students here at Falk creates an electric atmosphere, and so much motivation has come out of that.

Anthony de la Fuente ’19
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Where Funds Go

Some students are only able to take full advantage of field trips, internships, and immersion programs because of donor support.

In addition, all Falk students are encouraged to have a global education experience. For many, financial support from the Dean’s Fund facilitates their study abroad, from short-term global immersion experiences to full-semester academic programs in geographies of significance.

These Falk program-specific opportunities are purposefully designed to fit with students’ academic programs—not requiring them to complete extra semesters of study on campus if they want to study abroad—and with their financial needs in mind.

Every gift counts. Every donor matters. Make a difference today!

For all the students in Falk College, their courses, internships, capstones, field placements, and campus service activities are paving the way to making positive and profound impacts on the lives of others in the near future. Perhaps now more than ever, communities near and far need the professional skills our students possess. For some students, it would be incredibly difficult to attend Falk College and Syracuse University without financial support. Dollars from the Falk College Dean’s Fund directly benefit students how and when they need it most. Here are just a few ways the fund has supported students in the past year:

  • Three nutrition students were able to attend a conference in Boston with $2,500 in funding.
  • Two students were hired to support faculty research with $1,500 in funding.
  • One public health student received $500 to support a poster presentation.

To our donors, we recognize there are many organizations worthy of your support, and we truly appreciate your consideration to make a gift to the Falk Dean’s Fund to benefit students this year.

Whether it is support to defray costs for tuition and books or a one-time award for unexpected expenses during a family emergency, the Falk College Dean’s Fund directly benefits students how and when they need it most.

Diane Lyden Murphy
Dean, Falk College