College of Law Financial Aid Account

Knowing I had the financial stability to complete law school without incurring overwhelming debt made me a better student. Thank you for supporting my classmates and me as we work to become the lawyers of tomorrow.

Colleen Gibbons L'17
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Tuition support helps us recruit and retain the best and the brightest students.

Where Funds Go

In today’s marketplace, law schools must remain competitive in every way, and that includes financially.

At Syracuse University College of Law, over 95% of our students receive financial aid. Tuition support helps us recruit and retain the best and the brightest students, and ensures our students are able to focus their energies on their legal education.

Every gift counts. Every donor matters. Make a difference today!

  • 24 gifts of $1,000 will fund the average scholarship aid to a student at the College of Law for one year. Make a three-year commitment, and you will promote financial stability for a student throughout her legal education.
  • 35 gifts of $100 will support one student’s participation in public interest or government service opportunities over his first summer. Rather than working “to make ends meet,” students can gain practical experience, develop professional skills, and grow their professional networks early in their tenure at the College of Law.
  • A gift of $100 by each of our alumni every year, or 100% participation, will generate over $1 million annually to support scholarships for our students!

Our alumni often tell me about the difference financial aid has made for them. It made law school completion possible and the dream of a career in law, real. Thank you for paying it forward!

Craig Boise
Dean, College of Law