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Welcome San Diego Alumni!

San Diego Orange is the official Syracuse University Alumni group of San Diego, California. More than 1,000 SU alumni call San Diego, Imperial and Southern Riverside Counties home.


Upcoming events appear below as soon as they are confirmed.


Dues-paying members receive discounted invitations to all paid events held throughout the year, priority entry to limited events, as well as networking opportunities and other benefits. The club's operating budget relies on annual dues, and dues are used to fund the various events we sponsor.

Membership Rates:

$10 New Member (Class of 2014 - 2016)
$25 Full Member

Payment Options:

Printable Form (PDF 1.1mb)

PayPal $10

PayPal $25

Mailing list

President Amber Tyson '03 encourages your participation and input. Please consider attending an event and sign up for our newsletter.



Our Student Sendoff Scholarship looks to help the aspiring local students from San Diego get off on the right foot when they land on campus.

You may use our secure Paypal link here.

About our club

The club's mission is to foster community involvement, scholarship and professional networking through our common bond.

The Club operates and schedules events around the following six pillars, each with their own objective and chairperson leading the way.

  1. Community Outreach
  2. Networking
  3. Mentoring
  4. Scholarship
  5. Sports and Entertainment
  6. Membership

Board Members

President Amber Tyson '03
Vice President Tim Cruickshank ’03
Web/Email vacant
Program Director Ray Freiwirth ’75
Secretary vacant
Treasurer Andy Alcindor ’03
Student Send Off Chairperson Joe Minner G '81
Community Outreach Chairperson Tim Cruickshank '03
Scholarship Chairpersons Dan and Peggy Mazella '79

Photo gallery

Photos taken at San Diego club events.

View pictures from club events (PDF 6.8mb)